‘Helix’ – “Dans L’Ombre” Review

After 13 episodes, Helix left me with a “what the hell just happened” feeling. The episode started on day 235. What?!?!? Day 235? Alan had someone hostage and he was beating them with a metal rod to get some answers about the whereabouts of someone? Could it be Julia? Could it be Sarah? Who is Alan so desperately trying to find? Now back to Day 13. … Continue reading ‘Helix’ – “Dans L’Ombre” Review

‘Face Off’ – “Freaks of Nature” Review

Face Off has now become a boys club. With Chloe eliminated during last week’s episode, the final six artists are all male. These guys have been on top for the majority of the season, so it’s really no surprise that they are the last six left in the competition. For the challenge, the artists were tasked to create mutants based on super powers that they … Continue reading ‘Face Off’ – “Freaks of Nature” Review

‘Helix’ – “The Reaping” Review

The penultimate episode is finally here. With only one episode left, everything is coming to head for Alan, Sarah, Julia, Hitake, Daniel and all of the newly cured scientists at Arctic Biosystems. With The Scythe in full control of the facility, he had new orders: obtain the virus and the cure, bring back Hitake alive and kill everyone else. But before he could execute his … Continue reading ‘Helix’ – “The Reaping” Review

‘Helix’ – “Black Rain” Review

With only two episodes left, Helix stepped it up a notch in confusing the hell out of me. I have no idea how this season is going to end, but something tells me that the body count is going to start to get higher. The episode can be summed up in three WTF moments. 1) The vectors. These aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill zombies. The virus was … Continue reading ‘Helix’ – “Black Rain” Review

‘Face Off’ – “Mad Science” Review

How do you top last week’s insane anime episode? You do a weird science challenge. The elimination challenge had the remaining artist choose from a bunch of medical tools to create the guinea pig subject that the would test on if they were mad scientists. Honestly, I would love to meet the people that come up with the challenges for Face Off, hand them a lovely … Continue reading ‘Face Off’ – “Mad Science” Review

‘Helix’ – “Fushigi” Review

Last’s night episode of Helix was straight out of the what the whuck files. It’s looking like any day now before Sarah drops dead from her tumour. Fluid was leaking into her brain it was a matter of time before she succumbed to her illness. She was going to lie down and wait to die. She was determined to make her first (and last) time in … Continue reading ‘Helix’ – “Fushigi” Review

‘Face Off’ – “Ego Trip Aboard” Review

To Japan!!! In last week’s episode, Mackenzie told the artists that she was taking them to Japan and in last night’s episode, she made good on her promise. Man I’m betting artists from season’s past are pissed that they never got to leave Los Angeles for the competition. After the artists got a full day to take in the gorgeous sights of Tokyo for inspiration, … Continue reading ‘Face Off’ – “Ego Trip Aboard” Review

‘Helix’ – “Level X” Review

Let me start things off by saying that I was wrong in thinking there was only one episode left of Helix. There’s actually four more. Phew thank God. There’s enough episodes to give us answers. Alan discovered that Level R wasn’t the bottom of the facility; there was a Level X. This was the area that Hitake stored all the original viruses that he created himself. … Continue reading ‘Helix’ – “Level X” Review

‘Helix’ – “Bloodline” Review

With only two episodes left, Helix was starting to answer some questions… I guess. The episode centered around newly healed Julia and her newfound appetite. She was so happy to be back with her friends that she didn’t seem too concerned to actually find out why she was instantly cured and NO ONE else in the facility was. Well when you have unlimited space rations dangling … Continue reading ‘Helix’ – “Bloodline” Review

‘Face Off’ – “Cryptic Creatures” Review

On last night’s episode, it was yet again another team challenge. The foundation challenge found the artists creating them partnered up to create an orc leader and his nine hoard. Let’s just do some quick math here. They have to do makeup for 10 people. Geez. This was the most difficult one to do in such a short time frame. Chole and George were the … Continue reading ‘Face Off’ – “Cryptic Creatures” Review