‘Dancing With the Stars’ – “Episode 3” Review

It’s week 3 aka the most memorable year of your life week. On last night’s episode, the celebs chose the most memorable year of their lives and translated it into dance. Yes ladies and gents, it’s the saddest episode of the season. Things started a bit oddly when the same format of announcing who was save wasn’t used during last night’s episode. I’m guessing telling … Continue reading ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – “Episode 3” Review

‘Dancing With the Stars’ – Episode 2 Review

It was week two and the celebs got to pick their own dance style, but first Chris told him that two couples will be going home and the elimination could happen at any time during the show. Ay dios mios!!! I have a feeling some next week that this will change. Halfway through the show it was announced that Diana & Henry would be the … Continue reading ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – Episode 2 Review

‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “A Is For Answers” Review

Last night’s HUGE season finale of Pretty Little Liars finally explained what happened to Alison that night but brought us nowhere near finding out the identity of ‘A’. The episode, as told by Alison, crossed every name that the girls (or fans) could’ve had on a list of who ‘A’ was. With the help of Noel (who has been helping her hide), Alison brought the girls to … Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “A Is For Answers” Review

‘Dancing With the Stars’ – “Episode 1”

A new season. A new batch of celebs. Olympians, former teen stars, current teen stars, legends and heroes. This season of Dancing With the Stars could potentially be a huge one. The show, naturally, started with a performance from Jason Derulo singing his song “Talk Dirty to Me” with the female dance pros whining their was and the male pros doing their best rapey face to … Continue reading ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – “Episode 1”

‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Unbridled” Review

Another day, another episode of one of the girls running through the woods… alone. Gotta love that these girls are consistent. Four characters were front and center for me during last night’s episode of PLL: Mrs. DeLaurentis, Mrs. Hastings, Det. Holbrook and Jason. Let’s take a look at each character’s actions this episode and how they’ve made the mystery that was the day Alison went missing … Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Unbridled” Review

‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Cover For Me” Review

In last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer was back from rehab after three days of kicking her pill popping ways, but I feel the drugs leaving her system isn’t the quick fix cure that Spencer needed. She was starting to remember that fateful night and I’m guessing nothing good can come from it. Looks like that pile of dirt and a note from ‘A’ … Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Cover For Me” Review

‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “She’s Comes Undone” Review

After 92 episodes, I think this is the first time I’m actually mad with this show. Ezra has to be ‘A’. He just has to be. After nearly four full seasons, I think the fans of the series have earned the right to learn the identity of the latest member of the black hoodie squad. We were given Mona, but after a stint in Radley, … Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “She’s Comes Undone” Review

‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Free Fall” Review

When last week’s stellar black and white episode of Pretty Little Liars aired, fans were treated to an EPIC promo teasing last night’s episode and the allusion that it would finally be revealed to Aria that Ezra is A, something the show has been building up to for a last few episodes. But is he A? As much as I want him to be the man underneath … Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Free Fall” Review

‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Shadow Play” Review

After weeks of anticipation, the black and white episode of Pretty Little Liars was finally here!!! But before we were transported to the film noir aspect of the episode, we were treated to some present day events. With Emily and Hannah fully on Spencer’s side to out Ezra as ‘A’, they headed to his classroom to look for anything that they could prove to Aria that … Continue reading ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Shadow Play” Review

‘Ravenswood’s Needs to Separate From ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Let me start off by saying I’ve only seen the series premiere of Ravenswood and only a handful of episodes of The Originals. For someone reason, I just can’t get into either of these shows that are spun off from two shows that I really enjoy. Why am I writing about this? Well as I glance at my Twitter feed, I noticed that Hannah guest starred on … Continue reading ‘Ravenswood’s Needs to Separate From ‘Pretty Little Liars’