‘The Following’ – “Betrayal” Review

Back from the freaking dead. Poor Ryan. His world was just turned upside down at the top of last night’s episode aptly titled “Betrayal.” Finding out that the woman that he loved, lost and mourned wasn’t as dead as she was supposed to be. Ryan had all the feels last night and I don’t blame him. But what about his new piece Carrie? She won’t … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Betrayal” Review

‘The Following’ – “Freedom” Review

I don’t like Ryan’s sexy time relations with Carrie. He can do so much better and with Claire still alive, I suspect Ryan’s new love affair will be DOA. With the FBI still looking for Lily Gray, I’m hoping this isn’t the last we see of her an her psycho twins Luke and Mark. Lily Gray was still a woman scorned after Joe double-crossed her … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Freedom” Review

‘The Following’ – “Unmasked” Review

Serial killer training with Joe is turning out to be more hilarious than I thought. It was time for Micah to spread his message. He sent his No. 1 bunker psycho Lance along with Emma and Robert to start the killings. But who would be their first victim? Carrie Cooke. Looks like she may not get to break the Joe Carroll story, because she might … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Unmasked” Review

‘The Following’ – “The Messenger” Review

After last week’s traumatizing events, Emma wanted out of crazy town and I don’t blame her. She went from being a temporary resident of Psychoville where Lily was the mayor and was now a resident of Crazyville where Micah was calling the shots. But Joe told her to stomp on the breaks because he had a plan to assume control. It wouldn’t be that hard. … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “The Messenger” Review

‘The Following’ – “Sacrifice” Review

Again, they mentioned the name of Roderick. Why can’t he come back from the dead like Joe? Last night’s episode saw Joe, Emma and Mandy take refuge in a camp that Joe knew via Roderick, but it looked like Joe went from being involved with one crazy lady to another. This woman could care less that he was the Joe Carroll and told him that she … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Sacrifice” Review

‘Enlisted’ – “Brothers and Sister” Review

Whoa whoa whoa!!! Sgt. Mjr. Cody didn’t know who Kid n Play was? Kid n Play are a national treasure and showed us how to properly execute a pajama jam! On last night’s episode of Enlisted (welcome back to my life BTW), it was time for the annual A.F.O. and the woman in charge of making sure the soldiers had a good time just happened to … Continue reading ‘Enlisted’ – “Brothers and Sister” Review

‘The Following’ – “Fly Away” Review

Two major things happened on last night’s episode of The Following: bodies were dropping and lines were drawn. Let’s discuss the bodies count. Ryan Hardy has been racking up the kills this season. Are we sure he’s not just doing it to get the platinum package to the Joe Carroll fan club? In last night’s episode, he disposed of Lily’s other French son one he finally … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Fly Away” Review

‘The Following’ – “Reflection” Review

Like a scorned ex-lover, Emma had her questions like why she was never in on the plan about the body switch and why Joe never told her that he had a brother. She wasn’t like everyone else; she was special. Um Emma, just because you slept with him once, doesn’t necessarily make you his No. 1. Instead of pouting about Joe not fully trusting you … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Reflection” Review

‘Enlisted’ – “Rear D Day” Review

Chubowski was M.I.A. from the majority of last night’s episode because of a freak grease bowling accident. But don’t worry, we had the T-Man! Pete decided that it was time that he embraced the Rear D program and decided that he was going to help a family in need. That family needed their washer and dryer moved up the steps. After they finally got that … Continue reading ‘Enlisted’ – “Rear D Day” Review

‘The Following’ – “Trust Me” Review

A few questions were answered during last night’s blood soaked episode of The Following. Question No. 1: How long will Joe be living the Duck Dynasty lifestyle? It looks like Joe’s stint in the country came to a grinding halt during last week’s episode. After killing the naughty reverend, it was only a matter of time before people noticed he was missing and the trial was bound … Continue reading ‘The Following’ – “Trust Me” Review