’13 Reasons Why’ Scores Second Season

Netflix’s most buzzed series of 2017 will be back… possibly with more tapes.

The teen drama 13 Reasons Why has been picked up for a second season.

While no word on what fans will get with a second season, the question remains: do we even need one?

One can argue that the show didn’t need to be 13 episodes long, we can all agree that the story being told about the death of Hannah didn’t show how the series would continue for a second season.

The finale left us asking questions: Will Hannah’s parents hand over the flash drive to their attorney? What will Mr. Porter do with the tapes? Does Alex live? What will Tyler do with the ammunition he’s stockpiling? Where do Tony, Skye and Clay drive off to? Will Bryce get arrested for raping Hannah and Jessica? Where did Justin go with his bottle of vodka?

But do we really need these questions answered? The fall out of those tapes had a massive ripple effect at the school and with Clay set on a mission to expose the people involved, haven’t the suffered enough. Do we really need a second season to tie up all the loose ends?

Netflix thinks so and it will be interesting to see how the creators of this show try to come up a plot that will top, or at the very least, be on par with the first season.

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