MTV Cancels ‘Sweet/Vicious’

MTV has announced that it will not bestow a second season on the critically acclaimed series Sweet/Vicious.

The creator of the series broke the news via her Twitter account:

The series followed two crime fighting female vigilantes on a quest to avenge all the victims of sexual assault on their college campus.

While the series was loved by critics, the struggling ratings is what seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. And judging by the slate of programming coming to MTV this year, Sweet/Vicious didn’t seem like a good fit for the network.

But what now?

Sweet/Vicious has such a devoted following, it would be foolish if another network came in a scooped up the series. Netflix comes to mind first. After the juggernaut success of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix knows how to handle scripted shows with an extremely series topic and would be a perfect fit for Sweet Vicious.

Another option would be the CW. Already a home to ArrowSupergirlThe Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the CW knows their way around crime fighting shows and would be a suitable fit for Sweet/Vicious.

Here’s to hoping one of the two take mercy on this show and save it. We deserve a second season!

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