‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ – “Glamazon by Colorevolution/Drag Queens of Comedy” Review

Now with Milk gone from the competition, I think it’s safe to say that all the girls left in the competition have a chance  of winning this show. Well… except Trinity. Bianca called her out on her attitude of “this isn’t what I’m good at”. Then what are you good at Trinity? It isn’t comedy, singing, rapping or acting. Is there anything else? You need to get your wig out of your ass and get it together. You can’t lip sync your way to the title. Alyssa Edwards tried that and looked where it got her. At least she was likeable. You Trinity… not so much.

For the mini challenge, these girls had to decorate nails and hand model some fruits. Winning the challenge was Laganja Estranja. As the winner, she was using the girls to help market her first ever makeup line. Usually the winner got to pick their partners, but since this was Ru’s product on the line, she was picking the teams.

Laganja and Adore were teamed up to market to mean girls. Courtney and Joslyn are marketing to hot mamas. Bianca and Trinity were marketing to glamourous working girls. Leaving BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake to market to the cougar demo. I see what you did there Ru. You a shady bitch and I LOVE YA!!!

It will be interesting to see which group will rise about their pre-existing beef. During Ru’s walk through, Darienne was under cutting BenDeLaCreme at every moment. Hunty, this was not the time to throw shade on BenDeLaCreme. Next was Trinity and she was giving her usual woe is me attitude, but both Ru and Bianca were telling her that when she lip syncs, she is eve-ry-thing and she just needs to apply it to everything else and she will be unstoppable.

After the commercial shoots, I have a feeling that Josalyn and Courtney will be finding themselves in the bottom. Their commercial was a bit meh and the fact that they are sporting similar runway looks isn’t boding well in their favour. Plus, from the editing, it was looking like a show down between a fan and her idol.

In the end, Adore and Laganja won the challenge which Michelle Visage did not agree with and let her feelings be know. Damn girl. You right though. There wasn’t really a clear winner in this challenge. But someone had to win and Adore KILLED it in the commercial and their commercial was the only one that was actually selling makeup and they looked the part.

When it came down to it, BenDeLaCreme was lip syncing for her against Darienne Lake. Darienne Lake was told to shantay and stay and she deserved it. As Bianca pointed out in her diary room session, Darienne had “Point of No Return” on cassette when it first came out and knew all the words and the movement. And for the second time in Drag Race her-story, Ru saved both girls from elimination and gave BenDeLaCreme another chance to show who she really was as a drag queen.

Their lip sync battle was no Alyssa vs. Roxy, but I can understand why Ru gave BenDeLaCreme another chance.

Oh… now I get why we got two episodes last night.

For the mini challenge, the girls had to lip sync upside down and on their backs. Josalyn won the challenge and had to choose the order of the lineup for the the main challenge: Drag Queens of Comedy.

This was Bianca’s challenge HANDS DOWN!!! And if Josalyn was smart she would put Bianca first. She does this for a living and it would be wise to get her out of the way instead of towards the end to leave a lasting impression on the judges.

I think this challenge is a level playing field because these queens are not funny (with the exception of Darienne Lake, Bianca Del Rio and possibly Adore Delano). I think BenDeLaCreme, Trinity and Laganja are going to struggle during this challenge and will possibly find themselves in the bottom lip syncing and let’s be real… NONE of these bitches wants to find themselves in the bottom two against Trinity. Bitch. Can. Lip. Sync. Sure it will be the third time she’s in the bottom, but you cannot deny that she is a superior lip syncer.

Before the challenge, Ru threw a wrench into the girls’ routines when she announced they would be hurling jokes to senior citizens. Poor Adore. She has a filthy mouth and I don’t think those elderly folk will be down with her brand of potty mouth.

Josalyn announced the order: Darienne, Courtney, Adore, BenDeLaCreme, Laganja, Trinty, Josalyn, Bianca Del Rio. Courtney had the worst spot by following Darienne, but making Bianca closing the show… TERRIBLE IDEA!

I think Ru is going to regret giving BenDeLaCreme a second chance. She BOMBED on stage. To the point that someone was knitting in the front row and someone yelled out for her to tell a joke. Yeesh. She may find herself lip syncing against Laganja. Not only was her set horrible, it was offensive and littered with her usual “OKAAAAY” “Yes GAAAWD”.

As for Trinity, she KILLED it. It looks like taking Bianca on as a friend has really opened her up in the competition. She claims that comedy may not be her thing, but I think this could a new tool her in drag queen tool box that could make her so much more successful. Naturally, Bianca Del Rio showed the girls how comedy is supposed to be done by opening with a Cocoon joke. When your audience is the elderly, once must always open with a Cocoon joke. Well done Bianca.

It was a no-brainer that Bianca Del Rio won the challenge. Like Rul said, she didn’t just kill it, she was a mass murderer. Honestly, Bianca get your ass to Toronto so I can see you tell some jokes. Laganja was sent to the bottom to lip sync for the second time against Josalyn Fox.

Oh no she better don’t!!!! Those bitches done dropped into the splits at the same time. DAMN!!! Probably one of the better battles of the season, but not of the series. In the end, Josalyn was told to shantay and stay while Laganja was told sashay away… literally. Bitch actually sashayed out of the competition. Now if only she could be that charming during the season.

OK, I’m just going to throw this out there and see how it lands. Bianca Del Rio and Trinity in the final two. Yes? No?

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