‘Pretty Little Liars’ – “Shadow Play” Review

After weeks of anticipation, the black and white episode of Pretty Little Liars was finally here!!!

But before we were transported to the film noir aspect of the episode, we were treated to some present day events. With Emily and Hannah fully on Spencer’s side to out Ezra as ‘A’, they headed to his classroom to look for anything that they could prove to Aria that Ezra was not to be trusted. Spencer ended up finding Alison’s journal. That was all the proof they needed. But how were they going to bring this up to Aria?

Spencer thought it may be harder than they thought when they weren’t able to get a hold of Aria. If she was supposed to be with her father in Vermont, why wouldn’t she pick up her phone? Spencer realized that she could possibly be back with Ezra and didn’t tell any of the girls.

With Spencer still taking those pills to crack Alison’s journal, it was finally time for some film noir action! Can we just say that EVERYONE looked absolutely flawless in the episode? Mona was fabulous as Ezra’s girl friday and Ezra was delicious as the big bad. Those two bounced off so well together and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they get more scenes together just going back and forth with the snark and the evil.

Toby was a detective in Spencer’s little film noir alternate universe, while Hanna was the Rosewood’s best switchboard girl. The whole hallucination was built around Spencer trying to figure out what the hell was going on? She put Hannah to the task of following Mona and Ezra to see what those two were up to. Hannah attempted to tail Mona, but caught just before she started. Spencer came to her rescue only to warned by Ezra to stay away.

As for Emily, she and Paige finally got to have their moment on the show. The episode stayed true to film noir form as Paily was the couple that weren’t allowed to be together and had to steal moments with one another. Their love scene was fantastic and a great on for all the Paily fans out there just waiting for these two to reconnect.

The girls were able to find Alison at some club and she wasn’t the innocent, lost Alison that we’e seen over the last few episodes. She was a mega bitch and wanted the girls to stop listening to what Spencer was making them do. Spencer countered by saying stop telling us what you only want us to know and tell them the whole truth for once. If only Spencer could heed her own words when it came to Aria and Ezra.

Before the conversation could go any further, a gunshot ran through the dressing room and the girls were on the run. Ezra called out for Aria to tell her it was safe, while Spencer told her not to go to him but couldn’t tell her why. Aria ended up running to Ezra only to find Toby standing there. He knocked out Ezra and was there to save the girls.

Spencer awoke from her hallucination and was able to finally figure out what her dream was trying to tell her. Emily was right, the book was a plant. Ezra planted it there for them to find but what he didn’t know what that Spencer took photos of diary when they first got it and she found that there were minor changes to the story, but big enough to believe that there was something Ezra was trying to hide.

The girls decided that they a) needed to put the diary back before Ezra noticed it was gone and b) finally tell Aria tha Ezra was no good. But their plan may have take a massive detour when they stumbled upon Ezra and Aria making out in her house.

While Spencer’s film noir dream wasn’t real, it got me thinking if it was merely a foreshadow of events to come. Thank about it:

  • When Ezra told Aria that he knew that she knew that Alison was alive, could this mean that Ezra in real life knows the truth? He’s been following the girls for weeks and with the diary in his possession and him successfully running Shauna out of town, there’s no way that he doesn’t know, right?
  • Is Mona evil? In the real world, the girls found Mona going into Ezra’s office to get papers, but in the film noir, she was his sassy sidekick. Seeing that the girls (especially Aria as of late) are continually freezing her out even though she helped Hannah’s mom stay out of jail, it’s not that hard to believe that she may fall back into her evil ways and team up with Ezra.
  • Where does Toby stand in all of this? In the film noir, he was a detective and he discovered that Spencer was indulging in prescription pills and Ezra told him the girls knew that Alison was alive. I found it a bit convenient that he was at the club at the right time to save the girls from Ezra whom he knocked out. Did he follow Ezra there after their meeting or did Ezra and Toby go there together?
  • Why was Alison being suck a bitch to Spencer? The last time we saw Alison, she was desperate and running of out cash to fund her little adventure and she was on a bus presumably back to Rosewood. When Emily saw her last, she looked scared. But this film noir Alison was the mean girl that we got to know in the earlier seasons. Why she so adamant that the girls stop listening to Spencer? Was she getting too close to the truth or [spoiler alert] is the show getting ready to unleash the massive reveal from the books they are adapted from? That Alison had a twin sister and she was the one that was killed that night.

So many questions with no answers. At least we have Hannah delivering probably one my favourite lines she’s done in four seasons: “I’m not used to walking the streets as much as Mona does.” Mona, you just got read to filth hunty!

Next week, Aria finds out the truth about Ezra… FINALLY!!!

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