‘Face Off’ – “Dragon’s Breath” Review

Honestly, I absolutely love the locations that are chosen for where the artists first learn about their upcoming challenge. Last night’s episode took them to Point Doom in Malibu. The location was used most recently as the site of Tony Stark’s mansion in the Iron Man franchise, but it’s most iconic use is from the final scene in Planet of the Apes. Those people were standing in front of movie history.

The challenge had the artists tackle dragons. Now let’s be honest. Who was expecting Emilia Clarke in full Khaleesi garb to enter stage left to discuss the challenge? It would’ve acted another level to the show, but I guess at the time of filming Game of Thrones was overseas filming the upcoming fourth season.

Seeing that it was season six and everything was about being “bold” and “extreme,” the artists’ dragon creations weren’t going to be your run-of-the-mill dragons that spit fire. The artists had to choose shields that reflected the damage the dragons were capable of including from spitting quills, tar, ice and slime.

With this challenge, the artists had to go big. It was freaking dragons for goodness sake. Tess already found herself falling behind on day one because she did the No. 1 thing you do not do when you’re sculpting: only doing one side. You have to spend more time sculpting the other side and trying to make it symmetrical.

Day two wasn’t friendly to Chloe because she found herself two hours behind on her schedule for the day. It didn’t help that the core was stuck to the clay and it took three other people to help her try to get it out. Unfortunately, there was still clay stuck in there so she couldn’t run the material she needed in it to make the dragon caul. She had to use poly foam the following day.

On application day, Tess was feeing the stress even more. Her leg pieces didn’t fit and it was taking up her time trying to fix it. As for Niko, his chest piece cracked and it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to use it. Everything was still coming up Millhouse for Chloe. She wasn’t able to remove the poly foam from the core so she had to cut it in half and stick it on the model which sucked because she can’t glue it because it’s poly foam. She had to use a hood to cover the caul. Poor girl. It seems dragons weren’t for her or Tess, who was falling behind on her makeup.

It was time for the presentation to the judges. Off all the dragons, I would have to say that my favourite pieces belonged to Tyler’s ice dragon, Daran’s corroded dragon, Rashad’s tarred dragon and Graham’s slimed dragon.

Chloe’s creation was sent into safety, while Niko and Tess had to go in front of the judges. I think it’s safe to say that one of them will be going home.

As for the judges’ top looks, they belonged to George’s charred dragon, Tyler’s ice dragon and Rashad’s tarred dragon. After three episodes, it’s safe to say that Rashad has become a favourite for me. He’s talented and coming up with these amazing creations that I would love to see on the big screen. The kid’s got a bright future. Tyler is emerging as a favourite for me. As much as I loved Rashad’s dragon, Tyler’s was absolutely beautiful. The wings were gorgeous and those icicles that he made in the vacuum form were a brilliant idea. He could definitely be a dark horse this season.

The winner of the challenge was Tyler’ vulture-like ice dragon, while Daniel went home for her perplexing decisions. While Tess and Niko had poor pain jobs, at least you know they were trying to create a dragon. Daniel’s creation looked more sea creature than dragon and that kimono could not be excused.

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